At Thylacine Threadworks, we handcraft bags to support human-powered transportation and recreation. Bikes and unicycles offer a creative way to experience one's surroundings. Our bags are designed to support and enhance that experience while minimizing environmental impact through the use of natural and organic fibers. No matter what you ride, where you ride, or how you ride, we make a bag that will help you spend more time doing what you love.

Our Story

I started crafting unicycle bags after jury-rigging some bike bags to my 29" muni for my first couple of uni-packing trips through the mountains of Idaho. These set-ups worked, but I knew something purpose-built for unicycling would work better. 


As I explored designs and materials, I thought more about what made unicycling so uniquely fun. Unicycles are appealingly simple machines and so are Thylacine bags: 1-2 compartments and straight forward attachment systems. Unicycles are sustainable and allow you to explore your environment without harming it. So, I chose natural fibers and organic options for Thylacine. Finally, unicycles are human-powered. Thylacine's high-quality bags are made by hand and custom built for your rig.

I was so happy with the results of my first bags, I quickly moved on to sewing bike bags. I'm a lifelong cyclist and still ride two wheels more than one, because sometimes a little more efficiency and a little less novelty just makes sense.


Whether you're a seasoned unicycle tourer or a bicyclist dreaming about that first overnighter, I hope our products can help you ride further and explore more!

Charles Mitchell