Custom Frame Bags

Getting a custom frame bag(s) for your bike or unicycle is easy! All you have to do is send us a solid photo of your vehicle with a ruler attached for scale and we'll take it from there.

Steps for a perfect photo (for a perfectly fit bag):

1. Tape a ruler to your bike's frame triangle or to your unicycle's T-bar (rear or front).

2. Move back from the cycle until it entirely fits in the camera's frame. Crouch so that you're aiming at the center of the bike/uni. Your goal is to take a photo square on so the cycle appears two-dimensional with no perspectival distortion.

3. Check your photo for clarity. The numbers on the ruler need to be legible. It can be a little hard to get enough detail using a smartphone but it is possible. As long as the numbers are relatively clear and you can see some of the markings, we can probably use it.

4. Send the high-res photo to

After we get the photo, we'll:

5. Create a 3-d rendering of your frame and bag according to your specifications. If you're undecided on color or details, we can create multiple renders for you to choose from.

6. Then we'll send the renders to you for approval. 

7. After you've confirmed measurements and chosen a design, we'll invoice you for the bag as we get busy turning the render into reality!

Step 5

Steps 1&2

Step 3

Step 6