The Wombat Universal Uni Bag attaches to the rear bumper of any standard unicycle saddle, allowing you to add some storage space to any size unicycle. Perfect for carrying multi-tools, patch kits, spare tube, and a mini-pump on commutes, muni rides, or between street spots. 


Made in the US from organic canvas.

Wombat Universal Unicycle Bag

Panel Color
Spine Color
  • Measurements: 4.5cm x 12cm x Height (10-30cm)

    Capacity: .9 L (for 250mm bag)

    Weight: 3.75 oz

    Materials: Organic waxed canvas

    Features: Attaches to rear bumper of saddle with a strap installed underneath bumper bolts. Hook-and-loop wraps attach to the seatpost and bumper for easy installation and removal.  

  • The Wombat is a customized item sewn to fit the height of your unicycle. To order the Wombat, please enter the length of the seat tube + exposed seat post below.