Keep your friends close and your snacks closer. The Pouch is an always at hand and easy to install bag mounted on the inside of the "T" of a T-bar setup. This easily accessible position makes it perfect for snacks, burritos, water bottles, or travel maps and info. The pouch uses an adjustable webbing + double sided hook-and- loop strap system to easily adapt to a variety of set-ups. For a balanced look, you can strap two bags together and mount them on both sides of a T-bar.    


Made in the US from organic canvas.

Pouch T-Bar Bag

Canvas Color
Top Color
  • Measurements: 12 cm x 12 cm x 17 cm

    Capacity: 1.65 L

    Weight: 3 oz

    Materials: Organic waxed canvas with knit cotton top (black) or woven wax print top (patterned).

    Features: Adapts to a variety of bike and unicycle set-ups with horizontal and vertical nylon webbing straps combined with double-sided hook-and-loop fasteners. The unicycle and bike Pouch are exactly the same and can easily be moved back and forth between your 1 and 2 wheeled rigs.