Make the most of your racks with Shrub-Ox panniers, perfect for loaded travelling and around town supply runs. The roll-top can wrap up tight when you're travelling back roads or be left open for more grocery-getting capacity. The Shrub-Ox pannier also comes fitted with Arkel's outstanding Cam-Lock hardware that provides a stiff, secure and adjustable fit.


Made in the US from organic canvas.

Shrub-Ox Pannier

Panel Color
Side Color
  • Measurements: 37 cm x 24 cm x 12.5 cm (when fully closed)

    Capacity: 11 L

    Weight: 1lb 9 oz

    Materials: Waxed canvas

    Features: Roll-top pannier with Arkel Cam-Lock hardware and webbing straps for rear light mounting.  Made in the US from organic canvas.