The Wallaby Front Bag attaches to T-bar equipped unicycles. The bag easily holds repair supplies and snacks while also serving to counter balance rear-mounted bags and equipment. An essential bag for commutes and short rides, and an excellent complement to the Wallaroo or Kangaroo Rear Bags for longer trips.


Made in the US from organic canvas.

Wallaby Front Bag for T-Bar Handle

Panel Color
Spine Color
  • The Kangaroo bag is a customized item sewn to fit the angle and length of your particular bar set-up so you'll need to send us a photo of your uni setup. For more information on our CustomCAD process, click here.

  • Measurements: Custom

    Capacity: Approx. 1 L (varies according to custom specifications)

    Weight: 3.9 oz

    Materials: Organic waxed canvas

    Features: Integrated hook-and-loop wraps around the seat tube or attaches directly to the Wallaroo or Kangaroo rear bags.